Snamprogetti & I M O D CO Form Joint V e n t u re

A joint venture between Snamprogetti and IMODCO, a unit of AMCA International based in the United States, has been awarded a contract by AGIP S.p.A., on a turnkey lump sum basis for a deepwater floating production storage and offloading terminal (FPSO).

The system will produce crude oil from an offshore oil field and will treat and store the product in a permanently moored converted tanker.

Production from the dedicated tanker will be transferred offshore to shuttle tankers.

The FPSO will be installed in a water depth of approximately 100 meters and will be connected to submarine wellheads controlled from the vessel.

This system is particularly tailored for the development of marginal offshore fields and for extended production testing of larger fields. The FPSO features a bow-mounted t u r r e t mooring developed by IMODCO for efficient permanent installations in intermediate water depths and moderate to harsh conditions. The facilities will be installed by September 20, 1986. Total project turnaround time will be less than 12 months.

IMODCO, the originator of SPM technology, is a leader in the design and construction conversion management of tanker-based, floating production and storage systems. It's a unit of AMCA International, worldwide producer of a broad range of industrial products, machine tools, construction equipment and engineering and construction services.

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