New Study Examines Under-Priced Ship Resale Market

Certain sizes of ships, both bulk carriers and tankers, are usually under-priced by the ship resale market, according to a new study compiled by a New York maritime consulting firm.

Shipping Intelligence, Inc., publishers of The Ship Sale Monitor and The Period Time Charter Monitor, reported that two size ranges of bulk carriers and three size ranges of tankers generally sell at prices less than the market would seem to call for.

According to the report, Under- Priced Ships, this market under-pricing exists during strong markets and weak markets and for both older and newer ships. For prospective shipowners whose requirements can be satisfied by these ship categories, significant savings can be realized.

The report analyzed 1,934 actual ship sales that took place between January 1,1987 and March 15,1992. The principal analytical tool used in the compilation of this report was the Shipping Intelligence statistical ship sale pricing model.

For further information, contact: Sydney P. Levine, president, Shipping Intelligence, Inc., 25 West 43rd Street, New York, N.Y. 10036; telephone: (212) 997-0966.

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