Contract Awarded For Oil Loading Column With Concrete Shaft And Base

A contract has been awarded by Phillips Petroleum Exploration U.K., Ltd. to Equipments Mecaniques et Hydrauliques (E.M.H.) for the design, supply and installation of an articulated loading column (ALC) for offshore tanker mooring and crude oil loading in the Maureen Field of the North Sea.

The ALC design features, as a world first, a pre-stressed concrete shaft and a concrete gravity base. E.M.H. has subcontracted the fabrication to Howard Doris Ltd., with the detailed concrete design being performed by C.G. Doris. The ALC is scheduled for installation in 1981 in 95.6 meters of water (about 314 f e e t ) , and has been designed to load 85,000-dwt tankers at 20,000 bbls/hour in waves up to 10 meters (about 33 feet).

E.M.H., a Paris, France-based marine structures company, is the originator of the articulated column design. The Maureen column will be their fifth such structure in the North Sea.

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