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Xantic Enables P&O Nedlloyd to Upgrade at Low Cost

P&O Nedlloyd Container Line is the world's third largest container shipping company, operating 157 vessels, a cumulative 407.000 tons on 84 routes with 235 direct call ports. With a fleet this massive and the growing need to communicate with ships, P&O

Nedlloyd was expecting an increase in the volume of data transfers to and from its vessels. In addition to email, it want- ed the ability to send and receive elec- tronic updates of navigational charts and file transfers for ship management applications.

As it was investigating ways to reduce ® SAILOR

Circle 221 on Reader Service Card costs, it also considered updating its existing Inmarsat -A terminals, which forced it to consider: costs involving this project should not exceed the cur- rent operational costs; the solution should involve minimal or no additional investment; any costs incurred should be included within existing operational expenses.

Xantic proposed a turnkey solution based on the hardware and a lease con- struction. This involved the Inmarsat -A terminals installed on 23 vessels being replaced by Inmarsat Fleet 77 terminals.

The migration to Inmarsat Fleet 77 terminals provides P&O Nedlloyd with an increased connection speed of 64 kbit/s. By combining it with Xantic's

AmosConnect transaction speeds are now six times faster than was previous- ly the case. Moreover, the Fleet 77/AmosConnect combination is also highly economical. AmosConnect offers

P&O Nedlloyd substantial cost savings thanks to the integration of email traffic, fax traffic and file transfer.

In deciding to upgrade its vessels' satellite terminals to Fleet 77, P&O

Nedlloyd was looking for a partner that could provide a complete package of services, including airtime, hardware lease and solutions. To meet this requirement, Xantic teamed up with

Thrane & Thrane distributor Holland

Nautic. The migration package offered to P&O Nedlloyd included a full opera- tional lease for all hardware. This finan- cial construction meant no initial invest- ment was required for the hardware, making the upgrade easily affordable.

The first Fleet 77 terminal to replace an Inmarsat -A terminal has been installed on the P&O Nedlloyd vessel

Peninsular Bay. The total installation, including cabling, fixing the antenna and the below-deck unit, and configur- ing the AmosConnect software, took less than four hours.

For more information from Xantic

Circle 179 on Reader Service Card

Circle 220 on Reader Service Card

Mitropoulos Elected New

I MO Secretary-General

Efthimios Mitropoulos of Greece was elected as the new Secretary-

General of the IMO, to succeed the incumbent William O'Neil of Canada when he steps down from the post at the end of this year.

Mitropoulos was elected to the post by IMO's 40- member Council, beating out com- petitors Magnus

Johannesson and


Mbanefo. 40 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News

Increased safety at sea

With AIS on board, safety related navigation- al information can be received automatically from other AIS equipped vessels or base stations.

According to the International Maritime

Organisation (IMO) all SOLAS vessels are to install AIS transponders between the years 2002 and 2004 according to pre-defined deadlines for different categories of vessels.

Visit the SAILOR website for detailed infor- mation on AIS installation deadlines.

Among the features are: • IMO compliance: Class A UA1S transponder and KDU (Keyboard Display Unit) • Wheelmark Approved • Ruggedized design for the maritime environment • User friendly graphical and alphanumerical presentation • Flexible interfaces • SAILOR

When safety counts


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